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Addictions - Amphetamines

Amphetamines are stimulants. Stimulants make people feel more alert and energetic. Common street names are speed, bennies, glass, crystal, crank, pep pills and uppers. They may cause bizarre or repetitive behavior, paranoia and hallucinations. Overdose can cause seizures, coma and death due to burst blood vessels in the brain, as well as heart failure or very high fever.
There is a serious risk of addiction with amphetamines. If you are addicted and you stop using the drug, you will likely have withdrawal symptoms. Symptoms can include fatigue, restless sleep, irritability, intense hunger, depression, suicidal behavior and violence.
If our evaluation determines that it is safe for you to withdraw in our Centre, you’ll be assigned a bed in our observation unit, where we will offer continuous support and monitoring. Most people begin with an observation period of 4 to 24 hours. When the worst of your symptoms have settled, you can begin a treatment program that includes counselling, acupuncture, AA sessions and more. A counsellor will be available to discuss your longer-term treatment goals and plans. After your stay, you may call us any time (24/7) to talk about your recovery or ask for more support.
For more information about amphetamines, visit the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.