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Get Help - Helping Yourself

There are things you can do to kick-start change in your life while you wait for an appointment; here are some ideas:
  • Make a list of the pros and cons of continuing to use. One of the first steps towards changing your substance use is feeling certain that you want to change.
  • Think about how you will spend your leisure time when you’re no longer using your substance. What activities might you like to take up? Boredom can be a trigger to the use of substances, so start planning to fill your free time with activities you truly enjoy.
  • Start a journal. Journaling can be a helpful way to record your progress in recovery.
  • Practice saying ‘’no’’. One of the highest-risk situations after withdrawal is being offered drugs or alcohol. Saying ‘’no’’ takes practice.
  • Learn other ways to reward yourself. Maybe you’ve been thinking of your substances as a treat at the end of the day or at other times. It will be important for you to develop a different reward system.
Remember, there are no wrong reasons to want to change. It is okay to change your substance use a little at a time or all at once. It’s also okay to say that you don’t want to change right now, but just want some information for when you’re ready.
You are welcome at the Ottawa Addictions Access and Referral Services (OAARS)  no matter what you decide, and you can come back again later if the timing is not good for you right now.